EN RUTA GIRONA is an active tourism company that organizes excursions and guides in interpretive hiking in Garrotxa and its surroundings, and offers a service in management and communication. On the one hand, it is a proposal that makes all the natural and tourist resources of Garrotxa available to everyone, paying special attention to those tourism activities that respect and take care of our natural, historical and social environment, to protect it for the future; and on the other hand, we advises different entities in the organization of meetings, assemblies and various events, keeping track of each agreements.

The interpretive guides in hiking that we offer are activities that combine slow travel and responsible tourism, avoiding the overexploitation of spaces and the seasonalization of tourist activity, while allowing to enjoy the territory in a way quiet and unhurried, enhancing the local economy and activities that respect the environment.

We invite you to practice hiking, and together we will explore and discover the most hidden and authentic places in the volcanic region of the Costa Brava and the Pyrenees of Girona: the county of Garrotxa!


Our services


EN RUTA GIRONA is active, responsible and quality tourism, where the sustainability of the environment and respect for the local economy take on a significant value. We want to tell you the history and the legends, we want to create experiences and we want to live emotions together, we want to show you the nature and the culture of our people and our landscape.

We practice slow travel and we let the rhythm be marked by the client because we are convinced that it’s most important the way to make that the destination: we enjoy intensely the territory and we live without hurry, promoting those small pleasures of life that we find in the local economy and in the respectful activities with the environment.

We have designed trips of different duration ans different  levels of effort, trying that an important part of these can be done with children and that a part of theses are inclusive and accessibles for reduced mobility persons.

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EN RUTA GIRONA also offers an advisory service to entities to organize various events: from daily management, preparation of meetings and assemblies, advice to adapt to sectoral regulations, communication policy, social networks … or the organization of professional training and retreats, conferences, cooking workshops, natural therapies, meditation…

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EN RUTA GIRONA also offers you cookery workshops at our premises in Olot, in a rural tourism accommodation, in your home, or outdoors where you want. In our gastronomic workshops for children and for adults we will have fun while we discover the pleasure of healthy eating, and we will enjoy and experiment with quality and local products. If you want, we can organize a cooking competition to encourage creativity and teamwork in your group or, simply, we can come to cook for your guests in your house so that you don’t have to worry about anything else taht to have fun in your celebration.

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Environmental commitment

EN RUTA GIRONA is active, responsible and quality tourism. Since 2013 we are a company that collaborates with the Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone of the Garrotxa, and we incorporate in our management the commitment to improve the territory and values ​​of respect for the environment and for local people, as established by the code of sustainable management of the Garrotxa and the Collsacabra (CGS).

In addition, in the same year and until 2023 we received the accreditation of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas, a commitment to collaborate between the company and the territory that guarantees responsible, sustainable and quality tourism management. To show and keep track of good practices in management, reaffirming the company’s social responsibility and the commitment to continuing education, we publish every year a sustainability report (in catalan).

You can consult other tourist activities accredited with the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism (ECST) on the website of the Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone of the Garrotxa, by clicking here.

In the framework of our commitment to society and to Garrotxa, we are part of the directory of companies RS de Catalunya (socially responsible), and when we design a product we take care that it can be able to do with children, and that can be inclusive and accessible for people with reduced mobility.


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