Our routes: general characteriscs
SOURCE: Costa Brava Pirineu de Girona

Everyone can come with us: our excursions are always low or medium difficulty.

We recommend you to bring a suitable walking equipment: good footwear, with a good relief in the soles (if you wear new shoes, we recommend that you use them a few days before to adapt to the feet); wear long trousers because, in some routes, we travel through unexpected spaces and paths are not always in optimum condition; a large but comfortable backpack, with water and food enough for the day, clothes to change or to protect yourself from cold or bad weather, a raincoat, a swimwear … and sunscreen cream! If you want, you can also go with a hat and carry a walking stick.

Our routes are classified according to the average duration: some ones can be done in one morning (guided tours of 2-4 hours), and others need a morning and half afternoon (hiking of 3-7 hours), although we also can help you to prepare any visit that is not in our catalog. We have designed excursions that can be made with children, as well as inclusives and accessible trips for people with reduced mobility.

To facilitate your choice, we have defined them as easy, moderate, exigent or harsh, depending on the level of difficulty; but to choose a excursion you also can guide you for the difference in height, distance, or length of each one.


 Easy routes, possible to do in family or with children.Physical effort: low
Technical difficulty: low
Distance: 6-10 km
Slope: max. 250 m
Total duration: 2-5 h
Walking time: approx. 3h 30m
Easy routes: for everyone who wants to have a nice walk.Physical effort: low
Technical difficulty: low
Distance: 6-10 km
Slope: max. 250 m
Total duration: 2-5 h
Walking time: approx. 3h 30m
Moderate routes: they can be completed but you need to have a certain physical form.Physical effort: moderate
Technical difficulty: low/moderate
Distance: 10-12 km
Slope: max. 500 m
Total duration: 4-6 hours
Walking time: approx. 4h 30m
Exigent routes: regular physical efforts.Physical effort: from moderate to high
Technical difficulty: moderate
Distance: between 12-18 km
Slope: max. 800 m
Total duration: 5-7 h
Walking time: approx. 5h 30m
Harsh routes: it is necessary to overcome a high physical effort in a continuous way. Only for experts.Physical effort: high
Technical difficulty: moderate / hard
Distance: between 18-22 km
Slope: max. 1400 m
Total duration: 8-12 h
Walking time: approx. 8h

Sometimes, some of the routes planned to do in a morning and afternoon (hiking of 3-7 hours) can be reduced to be done in a long morning if we go through alternative paths. In any case, it is interesting to see if it is a circular route or not, because that depends on the planning that needs to be done: it might be that we needed a transport to return to the starting point, or even, an accommodation near the point of arrival.

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 Circular route:
routes in which the starting point and the end point are the same.
 Itinerant route:
routes with different starting point and arrival point.

When we design our routes, we consider that it can be inclusive and accessible, although this sometimes means changing the track or the use of a Joëlette bicycle. If it’s your case, let us know in advance.

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 Inclusive and accessible route:
Suitable for groups with reduced mobility, changing the route or with the use of a Joëlette bicycle.

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