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La Garrotxa is traditional cuisine. Also is avant-garde cuisine adapted to modernity without losing the values and taste for local products. Come hiking with us and we will take you to discover the true Cuina Volcànica.

Gift Voucher: 55,00€ per person.
Gift Voucher Extra: 170,00€ per person.
The Gift Voucher is open date and it's valid for 6 months. Subject to availabity of the restaurant. Alcoholic drinks not included.
If you want to celebrate a special occasion, let us know. We can add some detail to your gift: a bottle of champane, chocolates, strawberries, flowers... Tell us about what you like for and we will prepare it.



Everyone can walk with us: our routes are always low or medium difficulty.

The equipment and footwear is normal for walking. Is recommended only hard mountain boots (never water boots) if it has rained recently, and if there is risk of rain a kangaroo. It is better to go with long pants and carrying a cane.

If forecasts a sunny day, you should bring sun cream and hat. You should bring enough water to spend the day.

The price includes the guidance throughout the day, travel insurance and breakfast. Does not include anything not described.

We take you to explore and discover hidden and unique places

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