Visit Alta Garrotxa

Alta Garrotxa, the first settlers

Discover Alta Garrotxa. Today it's incredible to think that on these mountains were concentrated the population of the region:
-Vall de Sadernes and Sant Aniol d'Aguja
-Vall d'Hortmoier and Sant Miquel d'Hortmoier
-Beget and Sant Cristòfol de Beget
-Sant Feliu de Riu
-Talaixà and Sant Martí de Talaixà
-Vall del Bac, Toralles and Sant Miquel de Toralles
-Bridge over Llierca river
-Cave of the Bisbe
-Bassegoda, Talló, Pic de les Bruixes and Comanegra
Price: from 32,00€ per person, depends on the number of people and the selected options,
Includes 1 lunch and activities.
Not included anything not described.



The cultural Discovers proposals are perfect to insight you into our environment and our heritage, are a diferent way of tourism. Each of the proposals are based on respect on the traditions, landscape beauty and values of the land, spreading and protecting the natural environment and cultural through knowledge: the best landscape, charming villages, cities made of history and culture, art, mountains and forests and all those elements that allow us to find ourselves.

Calmly, unhurried: the slow travel allow us to enjoy this land so diverse and so amazing. We offer you advice and we propose to combine several proposals for cultural Discovers depending on the days you are in La Garrotxa, the number of visitors and what you want to visit: monuments, museums, art, landscapes, crafts, local cuisine, adventures...

If you are a group or you are a family, and if you want a guided tour simply choose the activity and the date and En Ruta Girona will prepare your cultural Discover.

We take you to explore and discover hidden and unique places

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