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Cal Carreter

Cal Carreter, a Mieres

Due to its location, its facilities and services, and especially for its cuisine, Cal Carreter is ideal for those who want to enjoy the tranquility of a singular landscape and to enjoy the local products.

Turisme Rural de La Garrotxa

Turisme Rural de La Garrotxa

Association of accommodation of La Garrotxa.

Accommodation partners can offer you special prices for EN RUTA GIRONA services.

Ca la Manela de Montagut

Turisme Rural Girona

Ca la Manela is a nineteenth century town house, fully restored and designed to relax, escape from the daily routine and enjoy a few days of maximum tranquility.

Mas ca la Coixa

Mas ca la Coixa is a rural accommodation in Catalonia where you can enjoy the nature in comfortable independent lodgings. Peaceful anf healthy.

Mas Riera

The farmhouse Mas Riera is a typical house of Catalonia, which after a long work of restoration, preserves all the original charm of the past.

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