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EN RUTA GIRONA is active, responsibility and quality tourism.


Since 2013 we are a business partner of the Natural Park of La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone, and we incorporate in our management commitment to improve the region and the values ​​of respect for the environment and for people, as defined in the Code of Management Sustainable of La Garrotxa and Collsacabra.


Furthermore, the same year we received accreditation from the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism (ECST), a commitment of collaboration between the company and the region that guarantees a responsible, sustainable and quality tourism management. To show and track our best practices in management, reaffirming the company's social responsibility and commitment to lifelong learning, we publish a sustainability report annually (catalan):






YEAR 2016 (comming soon)


EN RUTA GIRONA is above all active tourism, responsible and quality, where environmental sustainability and respect for the local economy take a relevant value. We wants to explain you the history and the legends, we want create experiences and bring you to live emotions, we want to show you the nature and culture of a people and from a landscape.

We invite you hiking, and together we can explore and discover hidden and unique places on volcanic region of the Costa Brava and Girona Pyrenees: La Garrotxa!!
We practice slow travel and we let the client set the pace because we are convinced that the road is so important as the destination: we enjoy intensely the territory in a relaxed and unhurried living way, enhancing those small pleasures in life that we find in the economy Local and in the activities that respect the environment.
Our routes are classified according to the geographical area. To help your choice we have ranked the treks: easy (Fàcil), moderate (Moderada), severe (Exigent)  or hard (Dura). To choose your option also you can guide by the drop, the distance or the average duration.
      ICON           DESCRIPTION              FEATURES
Easy trails where you can attend with family or children
Physical Effort: Low
Technical difficulty: Low
Distance: 6-10 km between
Altitude: max. 250 m
Total Time: 2-5 pm
Walking time: approx. 3h 30m
Easy trails suitable for anyone who wants a nice walk
Physical Effort: Low
Technical difficulty: Low
Distance: 6-10 km between
Altitude: max. 250 m
Total Time: 2-5 pm
Walking time: approx. 3h 30m
Moderate trails that can be completed if you have some fitness
Physical Effort: Moderate
Technical difficulty: low / moderate
Distance: 10-12 km between
Altitude: max. 500 m
Total Time: 4 - 6 pm
Walking time: approx. 4h 30m
Most severe trails, where effort should be important
Physical Effort: Moderate to high
Technical difficulty: moderate
Distance: 12-18 km between
Altitude: max. 800 m
Total Time: 5 - 7 pm
Walking time: approx. 5h 30m
Hardest trails, where you must to have a good fitness to hold a continued effort: only for experts
Physical Effort: demanding
Technical difficulty: moderate / hard
Distance: 18-22 km between
Altitude: max. 1400 m
Total Time: 8 - 12 pm
Walking time: approx. 8h
Some routes can be realized in a morning, and others you need a day. In these latter case, sometimes it's possible reduce them and make them in a long morning. Also you must look that the route is a circular route or a travelling route, because maybe you need transport to return to the starting point or you need a accommodation to stay.
        ICON             DESCRIPTION
Circular route:
routes where the same starting point and end point
Traveling Route:
routes with different starting point and arrival point
The equipment you need to bring is a good walking shoes, well marked with the relief. If you are wearing new shoes, we recommend that you use it a few days before to suit it at your feet. It is a good idea to bring long pants because some routes through sites rarely visited and the roads are not always in good condition. The backpack should carry a liter of water, food, clothing to protect you from cold or bad weather, a raincoat, a swimsuit ... and afterdun cream! If you want you can go with a cap o hat. All the conditions means that your backpack should be large but comfortable.
EN RUTA GIRONA has a civil insurance, but we also handles special accident insurance for hiking and nature activities.
We take you to explore and discover hidden and unique places

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